Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Golden week

Golden week is celebrated in Japan. Beautiful morning on May the 3rd. I met my friends at Natsudomari.
It was hard finding the spot where there were, but I managed to find them after a few calls. As soon as I arrived I started putting the meat on the already prepared fire.


Having a barbecue in a long while has been a really good stress relief.


It wasn` t that hot but some us took advantage of the early summer.


Arond 5 p.m. we decided to return home, finished eating the red pepper and packed up. On the way to Hiranai I stopped to take this picure. A little foggy but the calm and relaxing colors were reflecting that day` s "colors" .


The next day I` ve been working around the house, making a locker, watering the flowers, cleaning after my mess.
Yesterday I went shopping and could` t go home before investing in my heart- Canon.
After a long over night charge, today, I made myself some time to test my lens. Around the house and most of the time near Aomori` s Ferry port. Got there just before Natyan left for Hakodate.


Bay Bridge was covering half of Hakkouda.


While cleaning the water in my son`s turtle tank, this guy stood on the table watching me all the time...

Who is there?

The water in the vase is getting blue after putting the roses in.

Blue Roses

Pale rose

Tommorow the party starts again! :D
Take care!