Tuesday, September 23, 2008

2008 International Events

After coming back from Romania, where me and my son have spent an unforgettable 1 month holiday together with the grandparents from Romania, we continued the preparations for the ISE 2008( International Summer Event).

We are a volunteer association in Aomori interested in organising events where people all over the world can join us and share ideas, happenings, talent and cultural aspects.

The first event took place on July the 13th at the International cultural exchange house situated near the Aomori Public University Aomori. A big number of students helped us make this event happen. Both the guests and the participants were excited to be there.

The participants coming from countries like China, Phillipines, Japan, Korea, Malaisia, Russia, Romania, Thailand, Vietnam made their own speech in Japanese, presenting something relevant about their own country. During the break romanian cheese and snacks were served( I wish we could have offered wine too).

After the speech, talented singers from Russia, Phillipines, America, Australia and Japan gathered in a piano, guitar, violin and beautiful voices concert.

On August the 17th 2008, Aomori city hall in collaboration with different companies and associations from Aomori organised the annual 触れ合い広場( Open Space Contact). The main route in Aomori that goes to the Train Station was opened only. One of the many groups organising the event presented a world traditional clothing fashion show. Among other countries around the world( around 30 where presented), Romania was presented by me and a romanian friend of mine living in Hatinohe. At the end of the Fashion Show we danced holding hands with the viewers on romanian traditional songs like Hora and Brasoveanca.

This day was a special day for me for two reasons- ①I would have never thought that on my 27th birthday ②I will be dancing on traditional romanian songs in Japan.

At the moment we are preparing for the second event that our volunteer association will organise on December the 14th. " Christmas around the world" is what we would like to present in this second edition( probably this will be the name of the event) and hopefully foreigners living in Aomori( and other prefectures) will make Christmas in Aomori be felt like it is in their own countries.

If YOU are a foreigner living in Aomori( Japan) and would like to be present at this event as a guest or collaborator don` t hesitate to contact me.
Let` s spend an unforgettable Christmas in Aomori!