Monday, February 16, 2009

Abundent Weekend

Abundent Snow
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60 cm of snow covered Tohoku today. Snow didn`t stop from falling for 24 hours. Even the gondola stoped today because of the strong wind- 30m/s. It's something normal for the locals, but because the global warming is affecting us all, the snowfall was in the newspapers headers(toonippo). A few minutes ago a friend posted a link on a social network about the fires in Australia ,and here, the wind didn' t stop from blowing all day and it was freezing cold.

Colors Winter colors Purple blizzard

Fit in the snow
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Yesterday, on the to Hirosaki I was looking outside the car to see for my surprize that the snow is almost absent. Unbelievable for the Tohoku region- but this morning I woke up to see this.
I parked the car under a bridge so I can have a better view. It was freezing cold but, yes it felt good to take those pictures.

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Met my friends this weekend and played for the first time Cashflow 101. It was so much fum but because I didn't have an English manual, all the discussions and actions were made in japanese. This time we got used to it so the next time will go smoother.
The picture was taken at a temple in Hirosaki after we had a delicious tempura soba- (perfect for healing my stomach)