Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lexus IS F test drive

Lexus IS F
Originally uploaded by Mihai Japan
The rain that is aspected to fall today didn' t stop the Lexus IS F to pay Hakkoda a visit. The kind personnel from Lexus Aomori showed me LS 450L, RX450h, IS 250 and CS convertible. Tea was prepared while waiting for the Test Drive car to arrive. Lexus IS F was waiting for me to push the START button- and I did. Elegant on the outside, sport design in the inside keeping the luxury lines of any Lexus car. Changing from automatic to manual( 8 gears) on the mountain curves enlightened me of what a 5L engine can do. All the commands are close to the driver, the comfortable sport chairs and the inside comfort are making the ride so easy.

Inside Lexus
IS 250,
RX 450,
CS Convertible