Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sasuke 2009

Every year more than 100 candidates attend to complete a four stage competiton called Sasuke (japanese). They are challenged to finish every stage using their body strenght. They need to jump, reach on different things, hold tight to things, cliffhang, run, in order to finish the stage. All 4 stages are different and are getting difficult to finish stage by stage.

I am always looking forward to watching Sasuke every year. Today I came home late and the show already started. Grabed a cup of tea, some snacks and while watching the TV, I was holding tight the cup of tea in one hand. With the other hand I was nervously eating the snacks.

Makoto Nagano (japanese), the ninja warrior of Sasuke made it up to the 4th stage again. He managed to finish the 4th stage during the 17th edition of Sasuke. This year, Nagano Makoto and a 24 years old competitor made it up to the the 4th stage.

Nagano Makoto winning the 17th edition of Sasuke 2006.
Nagano Makoto during the 3rd Stage- Sasuke 2008.