Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Honda U3- X

Also called indoor mobility device or personal Howercraft,
Honda U3-X (watch) was presented by Honda`s officials on September the 24th. The new concept is supposed to be used indoors in airports and hotels.
via TokyoMango

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sasuke 2009

Every year more than 100 candidates attend to complete a four stage competiton called Sasuke (japanese). They are challenged to finish every stage using their body strenght. They need to jump, reach on different things, hold tight to things, cliffhang, run, in order to finish the stage. All 4 stages are different and are getting difficult to finish stage by stage.

I am always looking forward to watching Sasuke every year. Today I came home late and the show already started. Grabed a cup of tea, some snacks and while watching the TV, I was holding tight the cup of tea in one hand. With the other hand I was nervously eating the snacks.

Makoto Nagano (japanese), the ninja warrior of Sasuke made it up to the 4th stage again. He managed to finish the 4th stage during the 17th edition of Sasuke. This year, Nagano Makoto and a 24 years old competitor made it up to the the 4th stage.

Nagano Makoto winning the 17th edition of Sasuke 2006.
Nagano Makoto during the 3rd Stage- Sasuke 2008.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Romani in Japonia

Cateva detalii surprinse de Andrei Plesu in calatoria sa in Japonia.

Andrei Plesu-Romani in Japonia
Asculta mai multe audio Diverse

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Heartwarming Comedy- The Yellow Smiley Face

I needed to see this video- never lose your patience when somebody is trying to find "the blue button". A heartwarming comedy that needs to be seen :)

via Laura Driha

The Yellow Smiley Face- directed by Constantin Popescu; produced by Saga Films Romania

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Inakadate Rice Field Art 2009

Today I managed to go to Inakadate village and see the rice field art.The drawings on the rice field are created by planting various types of rice. Planting the rice field starts in late April and the drawings become more visible every month. The peak is in September.

Volunteers are helping at planting the rise and on the 4th of October they help at the crop.
Visitors take an elevator situated in a nearby building that looks like an old castle, to the 5th floor, then walk the stairs up to the 7th floor. From there visitors are able to see the drawings.

Sengoku Warrior Rice field

This year a Sengoku warrior and Napoleon were the two main characters.