Monday, April 9, 2007

Saturday` s Schedule

Friday night I met the other members of the Snowboarders Community in a Club here in Aomori to celebrate the 06/07 Snowboarding Season and to watch the DVD we made on Hakkoda. While snowboarding at Hakkoda one of the snowboarders taped us while sliding, flying, hitting the trees, eating snow falling and crashing. We had a lot of fun laughing about each other. One of us left for Tokyo on Sunday to study. He will be there for quit a long time but he promised that he will visit us often and of course be here next year for the 07/08 Season. We partied until 1 o` clock in the morning and we switched clubs until 3 a.m.
On Sunday I walked up at 7:30 and prepared for a new day. I had to work from 5 o` clock in the afternoon, but before that I had a lot to do. I know a few things about snowboarding, but about skiing- zero. One of my friends promised me that he will teach me how to ski so today we went to Hakkoda. It was my second time to step into skies at Hakkoda. We slided a few times by the chair lifts and then decided to climb the mountain and slide on the 5 km course. A little scared but I got on the Gondola.

Last Powder

On top the temperature was almost 2 degrees Celsius and the snow starting to melt- very wet. We headed for the Forest Course, put the skies on and started to go downhill. I realised that the same slopes that I was so fast on when snowboarding were so steep on skies. As I am not so good at skiing the wet snow made it so hard to curve. The feelings that I had when started snowboarding came back now while skiing. I got so familiar with the snowboard and the sensation of having my both legs tide up to it. While on ski my legs felt like going on different directions and sometimes spreding too much- it felt like making gymnastics. I am so bad at skiing. Once it took me about 10 minutes to put my skies back on after falling. Then I realised that I was trying to put my left foot into the right ski. I was sweating so bad trying to fix the skies and it felt so long before I had to restart to ski. I was on my way to swear out loud when I finally made it. When the steep part of the course ended I began to curve and even slide normally. It was such a relief. By the time we were downhill my muscles were hurting so bad. That was the last run for Saturday and decided to come back another to practice ski. Never realised that it might be so difficult to ski normally considering that I used to snowboard for a while. You have to try it too. If you had please tell me how it was and where should I pay attention.

Before heading down town we decided to take a walk up to Towada. On the way to Towada starting from April teh Gold Line Route is opened. This year` s amount of snow was smaller than last year but the Hakkoda Walls are still big. Last year the walls of snow on both sides of the road were 9( nine) metres tall. This year there were only 6 metres of snow that guided us to Tsuta Onsen.

Hakkoda Walk

After 4 hours of struggling with my legs to stand on the skies and visiting the Hakkoda walls, we ariived at Tsuta Onsen. The hot water, the smell of wet wood and the strong air relaxed my muscles. I almost fell asleep on the floor. On the right side of the bath there is a portion of the floor, where the hot water is going out of the bath, on which you can rest- even sleep. The floor is hot so if you fall asleep for a litlle longer no worries.

Tsuta Onsen

Tsuta Onsen

On out way back to town my friend fell asleep into the car but I couldn` t stand not to stop the car and take a few more picture of Hakkoda. In this photo you can see the back side of the mountain, the side that I get to see once a year.


Hakkoda Snow Walls

After taking a few more pictures I didn` t stop until we arrived in town. It was three o` clock, so I had some time to have lunch and drive my friend back home before starting work. We went to eat at the same restaurant where I am working and I had a Spicy Miso Ramen with Gyoza.

Ramen Shop

After taking my friend back home I returned to the Restaurant. It was 4:15 and I said that it might be good to rest for a while so I made myself confortable into the car and closed my eyes... It was 4:45 when the alarm woke me up. It was after midnight when I arrived back home and after taking a bath I stumbled into bed.

Wishing you a nice week!