Thursday, January 10, 2008

International dinner

This picture was taken at our previous meeting in July 2007

Today I had dinner with some of the foreigners living in Aomori. The initiative was taken by Ms. Emiko Kamiyama, japanese teacher, President of a volunteer corporation, English interpretator, a person of so many great values. We had the chance to eat delicious food and discuss on many subjects related to Japan, japanese language and culture, different cultures around the world like Thai, Vietnam, Canada, China. I also had the chance to meet again one of JICA` s Coordinators for International Cooperation and shared our thoughts about " a better tomorrow".
I also had the chance to speak to other foreigners living in Japan in japanese and I was impressed of their japanese knoweledge. Some of them have been in Japan for a short period of time and their fluent in japanese( I should restart learning japanese). At the end of the meeting we thanked two of our members for their achievements made while in Japan and wished them good luck in their future projects as they are leaving Japan in March.

Back home, browsing through JICA` s website I` ve found this interesting interview with Ms. Iuliana NEACSU, Head of the National Reference Air Laboratory, National Environmental Protection Agency (NEPA). Iuliana Neacsu has been working in Japan with japanese experts in a tehnical cooperation project, has been a counter-part in the Project on Strengthening the Air Quality Monitoring Capability of the National Reference Laboratory since its inception in January 2007 and in November 2007, participated in a counter-part training course in Japan.
It has been a pleasure reading about her thoughts in what concerns japanese way of working, thinking and collaborating spirit.
Read Ms. Iuliana NEACSU` s Interview

Have a good week