Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Japanese Speech Contest in Aomori

I arrived at work and was surprised to hear that there is an articol in the local newspaper about the Japanese Speech . I was impressed by the other competitors knowledge of Japanese and of their fluency in speaking. The first prize was obtained by the malaysian Competitor- " Japanese and Malaysian gastronomical culture" . When first arrived in Japan she was surprised to see Japanese eating cold food during summer and hot food during winter. The first time she didn` t find it that tasty, when eating cold noodles, but after a while, tasted it again and enjoyed it. Her feelings were expressed clearly and fluent.
The second prize obtained by the romanian competitor- " My son, my good rival" . There were explained the feelings of a romanian father, whose son` s japanese is getting better than his, even if the boy is only 3 years old.

Source: Toonippo newspaper