Sunday, January 18, 2009

Healthy colors

This morning I was prepared to go up the mountain, but... Yesterday evening after meeting with some of my friends downtown, I checked my temperature and for my surprise I was having 38 degrees. Nothing to worry about. Ate some Lamen and went to bed. In the morning the fever was 38.3 and I decided to pay the doctor a visit since I won`t be going up the mountain. They pushed this long and thin stick through my nose.
I was diagnosed with Influenza A and I was asked to choose between Tamiflu and normal antiviral medicine. I will be staying in the house, in the same room for a few days; i have a few days just for myself.
So, wash your hands, gargle when coming home and wear a mask if needed. The photo was taken last week on Hakkoda during the 2 hours of clear sky.
I wish I can do this someday- Watch on Youtube!