Thursday, October 8, 2009

Typhoon No. 18- Volendam cancels stop in Yokohama

Opened the Tv and was surprised to see that the news about Taifoon No. 18 are presented on all channels. At the moment it seems that the taifoon left Tokyo area and is heading towards the North.

On October the 6th, Volendam, the holland cruise ship coming from Canada and heading for Australia, had to cancel its stop in Yokohama because of the coming taifoon.

Goodbye Volendam

Volendam leaving Aomori

On this day I was asked to help as an interpreter, helping the customers from the ship and the local authorities. It was a full day filled with a lot of talking, meeting many nice people coming from all over the world.
During the departure Aomori Nebuta participants and children from a local kindergarten playing the drums, wished Volendam farewell.

Hoping that this taifoon will be a calm one!