Monday, November 3, 2014

Romanian Sweet Salami- World Record

It happened on November 3rd 2014 but the members of Kokusai Bunka Kouryu Club
and have been preparing for this year's big event for months.
Kokusai Bunka Kouryu Club or literally translated as International Culture Exchange Club
is a volunteer association that has its roots in Aomori city, Japan.

Romanian folkltale books in Japanese and Romanian
Last year we had a similar event at this place in Aomori.
Foreigners living in Aomori gathered and introduced their own country's culture like
songs, dances, cuisine, games, arts and many more.

Japanese crafts
International workshop 2014, Aomori

This year's event was called International Workshop and everyone present had
the chance to join a country's booth and enjoy creating something like a small toy,
play Japanese traditional games, dance, make and create their own style of Japanese garden design, join a Karate lesson or help making one of the world's longest sweet treats.

International workshop 2014, Aomori

The weather on this day was one the worst in this year's November but the strong wind and

the heavy falling rain didn't stop the large number of people from coming and joining the event.


International workshop passport 2014, Aomori
At the entrance every person was given a passport in which basic expressions and greetings from many countries were written on.

Useful greetings in various languages
International workshop 2014, Aomori

They had to find citizens from different countries like Korea, Russia, The Philippines

United Kingdom, the United States, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan and 
Romania. For every citizen they spoken to they received a  stamp on their 

Guest's passport
International workshop 2014, Aomori

In the cooking room I was given the opportunity to talk about Romania, play games

with the present locals in Romanian and of course to make one of the longest if
not the longest Sweet Salami in the world.

Introducing Romania and playing games in Romanian
International workshop 2014, Aomori

The children were more than happy to put their sleeves up, cut the biscuits into litlle

pieces and help making the Romanian treat loved by many and made by the mothers and grandmothers in Romania. This treat is a very convenient sweet to do because it is easy
to make and all the ingredients are at everyone's reach.

Making the longest Romanian sweet salami
International workshop 2014, Aomori

Mixing the hot chocolate with the biscuits, dry fruits raisins and a few other goods
is maybe one of the most fun part of making the salami, for both children and adults.
Personally I am always enjoying it, especially the part when I have to take the remaining
dough off my hands( and most of the times it ends up eaten by me... yummmy :-) )

Romanian sweet salami
International workshop 2014, Aomori

This is was one of the sweets my grandmothers used to prepare when I was little. I remember telling them that I want to eat something sweet and not before long they 
were ready to serve me this delicious biscuits salami that always tasted like a delicacy.
The only reason why it is called a salami is because of its shape.

In case you are interested in making your very own sweet salami here is a link!
Enjoy! It is finger licking delicious! 
Daca sunteti in cautarea unei noi retete de salam de biscuti aceasta poate fi una!
サラム・デ・ビスクイツィ を作ってみたい方、レシピはこちらです

After the first part of the program ended, all the guests were invited to see a

mini concert where singers from Russia, the Philippines and Japan were invited to
sing. Professional and Gospel singers took the listeners for a few minutes into a
their world fascinating them with their voices.

Lyuda and Dada
International workshop 2014, Aomori

One of the singers, a local singer looking similar to a Japanese singer enchanted

the spectators by singing famous Japanese songs.

Fumiya@International workshop 2014, Aomori

Behind the stage, the World's Longest Sweet Salami was ready

to enter the stage, after the guests passing by decorated the salami with
colored sugar.

Salam de biscuiti, probably the longest in the world
International workshop 2014, Aomori

Much to our surprise, the local media that was present at the event posted a whole

page with the events main activity, the Romanian sweet salami. 
After the concert the salami was brought in front of everyone and together we 
measured it. It was 7 meters and 80 centimeters long and for the guests and our delight 
it was delicious as well. A few children came that stood in line once in order to 
receive one piece of the salami, came back after a few moments asking for more.

We are not sure if we were able to achieve the goal of making the longest Romanian 

sweet salami in the world but at the moment we believe this is a world record.

Romanian sweet salami in the news

An amateur cameraman, Mr. 祥一滝山 from Aomori present at the event was kind enough to record all the event, edit and post it on Youtube.
I will post here a link with the videos: part 1 and part 2.

International workshop 2014, Aomori
It's been a short time of activity in international relations for this club but its domain of
activity has a long path back in history which we hope will continue to thrive many years
from now on.

Thank you!