Thursday, May 3, 2007

April in Japan

Spring has finally came in the North of Japan. Along wih it came the spring snowboard season and the Cherry Blossom Party. It has been an agitated but fun month. On the 9th I started a new job beside the job that I have at the Ramen Restaurant, and every morning starting from 9 am until 14 I have been spending my time with my new little friends that enjoy English. A new job and a new way of seeing life. Seeing life as they see it brings up my childhood memories.

On the 25th I have been invited to the local Tv Station called RAB as a guest for their Show. I was the Romanian traveller, wearing a backpack at first that is paying a visit to Japan. We talked about Romania, Nuclear Energy and the movie " An Unconvinient Truth" . Working in a Ramen Shop was a surprise for them too so they came to my shop as well. The show will be broadcasted on the 12 of May.

Tv Guest

On the 29 th I joined my friends to the trip to the top of Hakkoda. I arrived at the bottom of the mountain at 8: 30 and for our surprise the gondola was not working because of the strong wind( over 25m/s). Fortunately the gondola started to work at 10: 30 and at about 11 o` clock we started our trip. The weather was good but the wind was so strong that we had to stop at least 10 times before we got to the top. I realised that I should stop smoking beause when we finally arrived on top I was out of air.

One hour to the peak

Once on top, after a regained my strenght I was amased by the beatiful view. Sitting on the other side of the mountain, the wind was almost absent and after I filled my mounth with some snacks and drinks I started taking pictures. Even if I was takeing pictures of the same spot it seemed that it wasn` t enough.


We restarted our walk to the other peak and all the way I kept the camera in my hand. My friends continued their walk but I stopped a few times to immortalize the view.


This was my first time to climb up to the top and even if I had a bad cold and coughing really bad, it couldn` t stoped me from going. I am still couching but I am so glad that I decided to go that day. An unforgatable breathtaking fight with the wind.

On top of Hakkoda in April 2007

This is a picture taken from the part other side of Hakkoda, the side that I didn` t see before. We went downhill right from the top and all the trip took us about 3 hours. On top there were about 2 degrees and on our way down we had to open our jackets. Downhill there were about 10 degrees and that was quite a difference considering the wind from the top.


The water I drank downhill was so tasty and I didn` t stop before the botlle was empty.

April Snow

On the 30th we had a walk in the nearby park to see the Cherry Blossom. ( Hanami)

Cherry Blossom


On the 6th of May I will be on my way to Romania and I` ll miss these places so much.