Monday, February 11, 2008

See you again soon!

On the 11th of February 2008, Japan celebrates National Foundation Day. Everybody made plans for this 3 days off period. So, the smarter you plan it, the better.
Saturday Night- Yamahai meeting: " Good to see you again!"

After the delicious dinner, some of us went to to Club to listen some House.

The next morning met my friends again up the mountain. The powder was great, but the weather got better right before I left the mountain.

Got back home and enjoyed the rest of the day watching the sunny mountain and relaxing.

The next morning, even if both me and my son were still affected by the cold, went skiing ang sleighing ariund the house. Beautiful morning.

I had lunch with other foreigners living in Aomori. We were invited by our japanese teacher at his house for a delicious meal and a mini piano concert. Beautiful voices need promotion.

In the evening had the chance to meet my Phil again. He is going back to Canada after spending 9 months in Japan. Hope he will achieve his goals and hope that I` ll see him soon.

Good Luck Phil!