Sunday, September 21, 2008

Horseback Archery Contest 流鏑馬大会 青森

Every year in September, on the Gappo Park beach, a horseback archery contest ( 流鏑馬 大会) is organised and contestants from all over Japan are gathering here. It was my first time to see an archery contest and I really enjoyed watching it, taking pictures and even speaking to the contestants. The weather was kind to the contestants( but not to me)- the sky was covered with grey clouds all the time. The horse that Mr. Oomori was riding was the attraction of the day( to me it was) - it was all spotted like a dalmatian.

Originally uploaded by Mihai Florin Apostu Oota
The contestants had to ride the horses on a 200 meters long track and hit three targets set on their left side on the way. The distance from the track to the targets was about 5 meters.