Monday, December 17, 2007

Hit me with a shovel

d3o Lab is a UK-based chemical engineering company that specializes in creating unique polymers. d3o Lab invented d3o, a soft and flexible material that hardens on impact. d3o Lab was founded by Richard Palmer.

Currently, d3o labs is in negotiations with several companies over the use of d3o. As of October 2006, d3o is already incorporated into several products. The skiwear company Spyder has created racing suits using d3o for the U.S. and Canadian Olympic skiers. Ribcap, a hat company, has created hats with the product. Globe, a skate and surf company that also makes skateboarding shoes, has started making shoes that incorporate d3o. Sells, a goalkeeping brand, collaborated with d3o lab to create goalkeeping gloves and shin pads for soccer.

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I would really need a hat a chest protection that uses this material. It will sure take my pain away while marking the trees with my body.

What do you think about this product?