Wednesday, December 5, 2007

07-08 Snowboarding season opened

Yeap! 07/08 snowboard season started and yesterday I met my friends after a long break. I woke up at 7 and at 8:45 we were on the first gondola to go uphill. At first we were only 5 but after 2 runs, 10 members of our group gathered.

The snow was a little hard because it didn` t snow recently but it was so much fun. I missed my snowboard buddies and the snow. I had to wait for one year but it worth the effort.

This happened yesterday:

Thank you モスSan for the clips!
This morning it started to snow and after I wake up, at 12:00 o` clock I went to Hakkouda again. There were about 10cm of new snow at the bottom of the hill and on the slopes there were about 30 cm. It was great! can` t explain the pleasure of hearing the sound of powder under my board: SSSSssssssssSSSSSSSSsssssssss