Monday, December 17, 2007

Health vs. Snowboarding

Here I am coughing my lungs out, sweating like it was summer with a running nose and on my way to -10 degrees to meet my friends on the top of the mountain.


Met a few of my friends downhill and waited for about 30 minutes for everybody to come down the mountain. When gathered we headed for the top.


At the top there were -10, strong wind, visibility 30 for less than 30 metres and heavy snowing. We took the Forest Course, that opened yesterday. There is a trail on the course as wide as a snowboarding board and no chance of getting out of it, the snow is too deep.


On our way down Mr. Mosurya filmed us going downhill by holding the camera in his hand. That is quite a challenge considering the weather conditions at Hakkoda. No worries for him- water proof camera and a good balance. Nice work! He also caught me dancing while snowboarding. Watch this:

We went uphill for two more times and this time, because the falling snow made it harder too go on the Forest Course, we took the Direct Corse and of course, enjoyed the powder around it. This is how the the gondola was looking like today on top the mountain.


Downhill, the snow storm was so strong when we got there at 15:30- so dark, seemed to be 18:00.


At 16:00 I remembered that my cold is still fighting with me and decided to go to pay a visit to a local Onsen. It has been a while since I didn` t visited an Onsen and it was so relaxing.


At the moment it is 12:00 am, I am writing the blog, wiping my nose every 3 minutes and still coughing. Tommorow I` ll be as good as new. Or not !

Over and out!